The moment you are brought into this earth plane, the sky is in a unique configuration. The map above helps you understand patterns, deepest desires, and soul purpose.

Everyone knows the sun sign (think cheesy newspaper horoscopes), but this is only one of ten planets each correlating with a different aspect of our life. As the planets move through the zodiac we are called to look within, provoking particular themes with every transit. How does your map align with the current sky above? Where are you being asked to pay attention?

As an educator, each birth chart reading incorporates a lesson of the foundation of astrology so that you may become empowered as your own astrologer. Understanding the patterns and systems of astrology guides us to be more aware, insightful, and intentional in the choices we make. Come along with me to uncover the depths of you. 

Each birth chart reading includes:
- Basic astrology lesson

- Digital copy of your personal birth chart

- Themes, influences, and patterns unique to you

- Insight gained into: how you communicate, deal with conflict, relate to others, what you crave in relationship, emotional identity and patterning...and so much more