Compelled by my connection to the natural world and desire to foster sustainability, I worked as a community organizer and educator. After a decade, I was on the brink of burnout and chronic fatigue, finally forced to slow down, turn inward, and recognize the important role self-care plays in caring for our communities and families.

Taking a whole systems approach embraces that our bodies are not separate from the earth, our minds are not separate from our spirit, and each facet of our being must be cared for and involved in the process of learning and healing. 

The Moon and Me facilitates learning and hands-on experiences that enable each of us to return home to ourselves through yoga, astrology, mindfulness, and permaculture. The Moon and Me works with individuals, organizations, and schools.

Amanda Tripp Johansson earned a MS from Portland State University in Educational Leadership & Policy with an emphasis in Leadership for Sustainability Education, a Permaculture Design Certificate, and (200 hour) Kundalini Yoga Instructor Certificate.